Health care

Health care

We are the largest independent provider of NHS services in the country, delivering more than 18 million patient interactions each year.

We’re driven to deliver the highest quality experience possible for patients, and maximum efficiency for commissioners.

We work in partnership with the NHS to take healthcare services into communities, delivering the right type of care in the right way at the right time. Our treatment centres have ranked top in an independent national rating of the best performing hospitals for knee and hip replacement operations, and two of them are rated as 'outstanding' by the Care Quality Commission (CQC).

Enhancing the patient experience

We’re always working to reduce waiting times and enhance patient choice. We don’t provide emergency health care – only planned procedures. By doing so, we can reassure NHS patients that their treatment will happen when they expect it to. As an independent healthcare provider, we’re always coming up with new ideas for improving the value we deliver to our NHS partners and the experience we give our patients.