The Ware Society comes together to name Snowdrop House

July 25th 2017

Members of the Ware Society committee have put their heads together to come up with a name for a new care home in Ware.

The new Care UK home, which opens in early September, sought the help of local community groups to come up with a name that has historical significance in the local area.

Catherine Perry from the Ware Society came up with the winning name, ‘Snowdrop House’, giving reference to Francis Fouracres’ Snowdrop Laundry, which stood on the Baldock Street site until the 1960s.

To thank the group for their help, Care UK presented the Ware Society with a £250 donation to support their work. The society will put the donation towards a mobile phone app guide to Ware.

Customer relations manager at Snowdrop House, Sharon Butler, said: “The home naming process is one of the most important parts of the project, so it was important to involve the community in the decision. All of the names put forward were of a very high quality, but we felt ‘Snowdrop House’ really rooted the home in the local area. We’re so grateful to the Ware Society for their help, and hope to work with them again in the future.”

Catherine Perry of the Ware Society said: “It was fantastic to have the opportunity to get involved with naming the care home, and were delighted to hear ‘Snowdrop House’ has been selected. It is hugely important to us to preserve the heritage of the local area, and to celebrate its history - we hope the new name conjures fond memories for people in the town.”