New Wiltshire service will see waiting times for surgery slashed

October 19th 2018

A new service at Devizes NHS Treatment Centre is set to cut the time patients wait for pain-relieving shoulder and elbow surgery.

Currently, waiting times experienced by people needing shoulder surgery are long, and getting longer. Hospital director Rob Thomas said: “Shoulder and elbow injuries affect people of all ages, whether through injuries from work, sports or general wear and tear as we age.

“Shoulder and elbow injuries are notoriously painful and debilitating, making day-to-day life difficult. These injuries impact on work, home life and hobbies, so we decided we wanted to develop a new service that could move more patients out of pain and back to health.”

To create the service, which begins in November, the team have been joined by renowned consultant orthopaedic surgeon Andrew Chambler.  As well as being awarded travelling fellowships to the UK and Europe, Mr Chambler was awarded a fellowship to the world-renowned Mayo Clinic in the USA by the British Elbow & Shoulder Society.

At the centre the team will be offering a range of treatments - including rotator cuff repair, shoulder manipulation, keyhole shoulder surgery and shoulder decompression surgery - to repair impinged shoulders where the bones and tendons rub against each other when the arm is raised, causing pain.

Mr Chambler, who is also an expert in managing sports injuries, said: “The centre has excellent facilities and a talented team. I am looking forward to helping to reduce the waiting times for people in the area who are living in pain and in need of treatment.

“With modern techniques they can be treated swiftly and be working with physiotherapists, allowing them to return to work and the activities they love.”