Care UK expert calls for better dementia care in the community

December 11th 2013

Health ministers from G8 countries have today convened in London to discuss global action against dementia, a condition which, according to a Care UK expert, needs to be managed better in the community.

Maizie Mears-Owen, head of dementia at Care UK, believes wellbeing centres and day care clubs can play a crucial role in supporting people to live in their own homes for longer, help create dementia friendly communities and provide vital support to family carers by enabling them to meet other local people who are in similar situations.

Maizie is particularly keen to see more wellbeing centres move to providing 24-hours a day, seven days a week services – like those offered at the Orchard Centre – which help people living with Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia to maintain their usual routines.

To find out more about Maizie’s hopes for the G8 dementia summit and her vision for wellbeing centres you can read her blog on the Dementia Challenge website, where she discusses why a focus on dementia care in the community should be a priority.

Maizie said: “I’m very excited about the G8 dementia summit and will be closely following what’s discussed by health ministers and their proposals for global action. It’s very encouraging to see that people are now more open to talking about dementia and how it affects the lives of those close to them. I’m very supportive of initiatives that help people to lower their risk of developing dementia because the more people understand about the condition the more opportunities they have to make small changes to their lifestyles which have benefits in later life.

“Research from Cardiff University has found that by taking regular exercise, eating a healthy diet, reducing consumption of alcohol, not smoking and maintaining a low body weight, people can reduce their risk of developing dementia by up to 60 percent. There are many different factors which can cause dementia and it’s interesting to see the relationship these have with our physical ability and cognitive function as we age.”

Journalists interested in interviewing Maizie should contact the Care UK press office.