Mike Parish


I got a lot out of my time working in supply chain solutions, but my ex-colleagues will forgive me for saying that it doesn’t compare to the fundamental importance of providing health and social care, helping people live more fulfilling lives every day. I came to Care UK because I wanted to be involved in a business that could contribute to society and influence the entire health and care sector for the better. Care UK is developing fast, and I saw how we could meaningfully contribute to improving health and social care in the UK by developing new services and by offering people more and better choice.


A previous boss of mine once said that it’s more draining to tolerate and manage imperfection than to share your energy to absolutely commit to progress. In the health and care sectors whilst we must strive to improve services, we must do so responsibly – supporting the status quo whilst transitioning to something better. By focusing on the areas in which we excel I’m confident that we can continue to lead the way in delivering the very best care to patients and care home residents. We are forging ahead with the biggest investment in new care homes of any UK provider, our partnerships with NHS commissioners are helping to reduce waiting times and give patients more choice in how and where they access treatment, and we’re focusing on the innovations needed to help the NHS continue to be sustainable.


My dad used to tell me that there are no quick fixes to success I’ve always believed in building proper foundations, working steadily and doing things properly. Maybe it’s no surprise that in my 35 year long career I’ve only worked for two organisations and I’m a marathon runner not a sprinter!


We’ve come a long way since I joined the company 15 years ago, from being a very small, homespun organisation with little infrastructure, to become the biggest independent sector health and social care provider in the UK. During that time I feel that I’ve developed a values based and personable culture for the business and brought together the right people to help us to achieve our goals.


You can’t do this job and not love people. I love the buzz of teamwork and the joy of my life is meeting residents and patients and listening to their experiences and opinions. I’m from a no-nonsense South London family, so I'm a full-on believer in telling it – and hearing it – the way it is. Combining compassion and empathy with commercial nous to champion people to get what they need and deserve is just the best of jobs!