Jim Easton

CEO, Health Care

I’m responsible for Care UK’s Health Care division, which provides a huge range of services for NHS patients across the country. As part of Care UK we’re prepared to take on new, challenging services and keep working away at them until we get them right for patients. We find innovative new ways of creating sustainable healthcare and it’s that ‘can do’ attitude that makes this company a great place to work.

My healthcare career began 29 years ago in the learning disabilities sector and I’ve worked in most areas of healthcare over the years. Healthcare is one of the most important sectors in the country and I feel privileged to be part of it. We’re very lucky in this country to have a universal healthcare system and Care UK is a key part of that. It’s our job to sustain, improve and protect that system for future generations.

We’ve made some great progress since I joined Care UK. Our NHS 111 services consistently perform well and we’ve recently launched one of the first integrated urgent care services in the country. Our Health in Justice business has rapidly expanded and we now provide healthcare to more than a quarter of the total prison population. Our focus on improving quality has paid off too with NHS patients choosing our nine hospitals for their short waiting times and excellent outcomes. We’ve invested millions of pounds in new equipment and expanding the specialties we already offer and we’re determined to use our experience and expertise to develop new models of care to support the NHS.

I’m obsessed about quality and continuous improvement. These have been my passion in healthcare for the past decade. I do all I can to help our teams do the right thing for patients. Central to that is constantly ensuring that we’re working hard to listen to patients and customers. I strongly agree with the national definition of quality: that care must be safe, and that the technical outcome and the patient’s experience must both be good. You need to get all three right to be able to say that you’re providing quality healthcare.

What I love about healthcare is that, whether you work in a small practice or a big organisation, you’re making a real difference to people’s lives.