What quality means to us

What quality means to us

At Care UK we tirelessly strive to improve standards across the health and social care sectors.

Each of us takes ownership to ensure that we deliver consistent, high quality care to the individuals we support. But this is nothing new: our commitment as a provider of health and social care has always been to best quality, best practice and best outcomes in everything we do.

Ongoing scrutiny

Our healthcare services are subject to the same standards and measures of success as the NHS and use the same governance and accountability procedures as the NHS. All our services are subject to the rigorous scrutiny from the Care Quality Commission and other external bodies, as well as from our own internal audits and quality and governance teams. Everything we do is continually scrutinised and our robust processes enable us to monitor standards in every area of our business.

Employing the best people

We welcome scrutiny as an opportunity to showcase our expertise. We only recruit people with the best skills, who are dedicated to delivering the ultimate in quality care. When we find these people we make sure we keep them, and that their skills stay current. Our people and services often win national awards, whether it’s a treatment centre that’s in the top ten of best performing hospitals for a particular treatment, or a nurse winning a top award in his or her area of specialism.

Acting ethically and with integrity

We are required by law to publish an annual statement regarding the Modern Slavery Act 2015. You can read ours here: Anti-Slavery and Human Trafficking annual statement - September 2016.pdf.

Regular feedback

We regularly ask our patients and service users for their feedback and we use this to develop action plans to further improve our services. We encourage our people to report any issues or service shortcomings. On the occasion when anything goes wrong we make sure that there is a full and open review and we make sure plans are put in place for us to learn from our shortcomings and ensure that nothing like that happens again.

We are singleminded in our ambition to be renowned as the best provider of each of our services. What’s more, we will continue to push the boundaries and challenge the traditional modes of health and social care delivery to provide services that fit the changing needs of the UK’s population. 

Find out more about quality means to us on a day to day basis.