Two new knees get keen golfer Peter back on the green

February 28th 2017

Years of pain from his knees meant that Peter Moyle, 71, from Oakdale near Blackwood, reached the point where he could barely walk – getting in the way of his part-time job as a school premises manager and his love of golf.

Thanks to two new knees from Emersons Green NHS Treatment Centre, Peter is now back at work and back on the green – and immensely grateful to those at the centre for his care. As he said “It’s better than winning the lottery, I’m happy as anything with them.”

Peter had a few years of nagging pain, but in the past two years the pain became excruciating. He said “I couldn’t walk any distance and I had to stop playing golf completely. It all came to a head when my wife and I went on a coach holiday to Eastbourne. When I could walk I spent most of my time leaning on her and it got to the point that the only way I could get around was to use a tour bus – the same was true when we visited Liverpool. Since my operations people have remarked on how much better my walking has become – I hadn’t realised how much I was compensating for the pain.”

Peter went to see his GP in February last year, who sent him to see a specialist in Ebbw Vale. The specialist said his knees were in a terrible condition and asked him to go to reception to make an appointment for his pre-med appointment, which was set for 28th March.

While he was waiting he received a call from Emersons Green NHS Treatment Centre, which offered him treatment sooner if he was prepared to travel to Bristol. Peter chose to do so and had his first knee replaced on 10 March, more than two weeks sooner than his original pre-med appointment. Peter was so pleased with his treatment at Emersons Green NHS Treatment Centre that he booked in for his second knee replacement, which took place in July last year.

Peter’s operation was carried out by consultant orthopaedic surgeon Dr Jozsef Nemes. Peter said: “I have never met such a nice man in all my life – not a day goes by when my wife and I don’t mention him or think of him. I can’t explain how pleased I am to have had my operations done by such a lovely man.

“The care at Emersons Green NHS Treatment Centre is superb and word needs to be spread. If I see someone out and about and it looks as if they have a problem with their knee or hip, I’m the first to tell them about the hospital. I’ve told all my friends at the golf club too. Many have taken me up on my recommendation and received care at Emersons Green NHS Treatment Centre, and pretty much everyone has come back and thanked me.”

According to Peter, both knee replacements have been complete successes: “I’m getting on very well. I have been back at work since November and I am delighted to be back on the green playing golf again. The care I received at Emersons Green NHS Treatment Centre was five star, from the cleaner to the surgeon, absolutely wonderful.”

Patricia Warwick, hospital director at Emersons Green NHS Treatment Centre, said: “We are delighted that Peter had such a good experience with us for both his operations, and that he is back able to do the things he loves. Peter is one of many patients from South Wales who are choosing to have their treatment with us.”

Emersons Green NHS Treatment Centre agreed an arrangement with Aneurin Bevan University Health Board to support the hospital by providing elective surgery such as knee replacement, for its patients. Emersons Green NHS Treatment Centre is part of the choice of care for NHS patients in the region. If your GP decides that you need treatment you can choose to have your NHS treatment at either service.