Southampton children learn about infection control and how to stay healthy

November 1st 2017

Ninety children from Maytree Nursery and Infants School recently joined the team at Southampton NHS Treatment Centre to learn about hygiene as part of National Infection Control Week.

The children, from the school in Derby Road, Newtown, learnt the correct way to wash their hands and brush their teeth, as well as learning about the workings of the human skeleton using one of the centre’s anatomical models.

Headteacher Jan Goatley said the children had an entertaining as well as an educational time: “We are always pleased to work with Southampton NHS Treatment Centre – the children really enjoy the experience and love learning about health with the team of nurses and consultants. This type of activity creates habits that last a lifetime.”

Deputy hospital director Francesca Cortvriend said: “This is an annual event and the team thoroughly enjoy teaching the children about good hygiene and infection control. Excellent hygiene is the cornerstone of good health as it helps to prevent food poisoning and the spread of germs and disease. Learning about it at an early age will set the children on the right path to good health and a brilliant smile.”

Francesca says children always enjoy using the Glow Box that reveals the dirt that is left after you have washed your hands: “At the centre we are fanatical about good hygiene and, as a result, a recent patient-led inspection of the service gave us a 100 per cent score for our attention to cleanliness. We very much enjoy having the children at the centre and sharing our passion for bug busting.”